Who Is Newly Lobbying On Cannabis? – Cannabis Wire

While overall spending on lobbying around the cannabis plant has slowed at the federal level, as Cannabis Wire recently reported, new entities continue to join the mix. 

Spending began to dip before COVID-19 hit, but that trend continues as the pandemic worsens and as the outcome of the presidential election looks increasingly uncertain. Still, broader trends in the United States and abroad point toward loosening laws and a growing cannabis industry. 

Next month, five states will have medical and/or adult use legalization on the ballot: Arizona; Mississippi; Montana; New Jersey; South Dakota. (Nebraska’s Supreme Court ultimately removed a medical cannabis measure from the ballot after it had qualified.)

And the 2018 Farm Bill already removed hemp, defined as cannabis plants with .3% THC or less, from the Controlled Substances Act. While regulations are still being finalized for the cultivation of hemp and its products, like CBD, interest in the potential of this newly legal industry continues to rise. 

The National Grocers Association, which represents 21,00 retail and wholesale grocers, is lobbying on H.R. 8179, the Hemp and Hemp-Derived CBD Consumer Protection and Market Stabilization Act of 2020, which would, among other things, treat CBD as a dietary supplement, in response to the CBD products that have flooded the market after the passage of the 2018 Farm Bill. 

“NGA members are experiencing significant consumer demand for CBD products,” NGA communications director Jim Dudlicek told Cannabis Wire. “Many independent food retailers have responded to this demand,