Top Places to Grow Hemp in the US – South Florida Reporter

For those outside the cannabis circle, an important first lesson is that not all cannabis is created equal. Some cannabis is bred to be psychoactive; often called marijuana, this cannabis is illegal at the federal level (and at most state levels, too) and sold with the express purpose of getting users high. However, there is another type of cannabis called hemp, which doesn’t deserve the dangerous reputation often associated with it.

In 2018, the United States legalized farming industrial hemp — that is, non-psychoactive cannabis used for seed, fiber or CBD — and many states have taken to the practice. Here are the current top producers of industrial hemp, and why Florida isn’t up there in the rankings.


Colorado was among the first states to adopt a progressive policy toward cannabis in all its forms, and it just so happens that the Centennial State also boasts one of the best climates for growing cannabis. High in altitude, dry and sunny for most of the year, Colorado also has a five-year-old industrial hemp program and clear, reliable rules that allow industrial hemp farmers to flourish.


Though Kentucky has only just legalized CBD oil — and no other cannabis product for recreational or medicinal use — the state is opening its