Arizona dispensaries to see a spike in product demand – Downtown Devil

With Proposition 207 passed, marijuana dispensaries around the state are expecting an increase in sales. (Nicole Neri/DD)

Arizona medical-marijuana dispensaries are projected to see an extensive increase in sales with the passing of Proposition 207, the legalization of recreational marijuana.

Dispensaries across the state are preparing for a boom in revenue. Because of this, businesses are seeing an influx of new customers along with a heightened demand for product.

With the passing of Prop. 207, a state-wide recreational licensing system for dispensaries will be implemented. This will start with existing medical marijuana dispensaries that will choose to sell recreationally, according to a document from the Arizona Department of Health.

Some dispensaries, however, are still deciding whether to sell recreationally or not.

Heidi Ishmel, a “budtender” at Nirvana Center Dispensary located at 35th Ave. and McDowell Road, said that the prospect of acquiring a recreational license is “still up in the air.”

“It’s easier to be just strictly medical,” Ishmel said. “I predict it would be overwhelming for us if we got a recreational license. There would be an abundance of patients in line everyday which would require more employees.”

Some customers think that Prop. 207 “instantly”