Four Medical Cannabis Small Caps – Benzinga

It’s no secret that small caps offer the potential for greater returns for those who can recognize companies trading at discounts to their intrinsic values. But many small-caps are unknown, leaving investors with an information shortfall. One way to mend this problem is by attending conferences to learn more about them.

One such small cap conference was held in virtual form in December by Benzinga, which featured small caps from across several categories and industries including medical cannabis. Here are four small caps which are endorsing a medical versus recreational divide within the cannabis industry.


Avicanna (OTC: AVCNF) is a Canadian vertically-integrated biotech biopharmaceutical company. Despite being Toronto-based, it is present also in the US, Europe and LATAM. Its hemp-derived products range across cosmetics, medical and pharmaceutical fields. More importantly, the company owns all intellectual property it is utilizing. Its established and proven low-cost vertical integration is what makes the company both organic and sustainable.

Avicanna’s R&D efforts began at Johnson and Johnson’s (NYSE : JNJ) innovation center JLABS. Its hemp-derived cosmetics under the range skincare CBD derma have clinical trials like acne and anti-aging behind it with results undergoing publication. The company claims this is the only known CBD trial with human application programme data.

It is also one of the two companies that has the licence to operate in Colombia with plans to launch in the UK this year. 91% of medical cannabis products on the market are oil-based whereas Avicanna claims their formula is much more advanced. Its